Jon Hamm as Santa Claus for World Cup

Jon Hamm as Santa Claus, Tom Brady, Mariah Carey and Ellie Kemper get you ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup featuring the US Men’s National team including Christian Pulisic. The most wonderful time of the year starts November 20th on FOX. Game on as they say. The World Cup in Qatar will be here before you know it. Who’s going to win it? Surely it’s one of the favorites, right. Brazil. Argentina. Holland. Germany. Or maybe it’s England’s turn. Yes, I’d have to agree with Jon Hamm here and say if the United States did win the World Cup it would be a Christmas miracle indeed.

Your World Cup schedule on Fox Sports is right here. Just click on the calendar icon to see the who’s playing and at what time.

Is Jon Hamm in every commercial these days! See the Jon Hamm soccer commercial for the World Cup in Qatar in the video below. Oh, Tom Brady is in the ad too saying that Cristiano Ronaldo is too old to still be playing.