Coerver Coaching Rondos

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Coerver Coaching Rondos

Coerver rondos are a foundational exercise for all levels of play. Plus, rondos are a fun keep away game to use as a warm up drill. Coerver Coaching preview video of Rondos in California. See more soccer warm up exercises and soccer drills from our training website. Rondos are something all the top professional teams do before training and games both to work on their touch and control but also just to have fun and get warmed up to play.

You’ll often see Barcelona, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Paris St. Germain, Manchester United and every top team in the world do some sort of rondo or keep away game before games and training. And one thing is true across all of these teams versions of rondos, if you get nutmegged with a pass then you have to stay in the middle for another round!

What’s more, this simple rondo keep away game, sometimes called piggy in the middle, often gets very competitive. As your players improve, divide the groups into different levels and move players up and down the groups as they improve. For instance, have players will lose the ball and go into the middle drop down to the lower level group. Don’t forget to keep the rondos fun though!

The Coerver rondos program contains over 30 Rondo exercises which have been devised by Coerver founders Alf Galustian and Charlie Cooke. All of our drills come with standard and challenging variations to make them suitable for a variety of ages and skill levels.

All rondos have video guides and diagrams, allowing them to be easily understood and implemented into your coaching routine.

Coerver Rondos: 30+ Rondos all with standard and challenging variations to make them suitable for a variety of ages and skill levels. Purchase your Coerver Rondos drills online at

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