The Jose Mourinho Eye Gouge

Jose Mourinho eye gouge or poke: Who in the world could have predicted this? Everyone knows that the el clasico is an intense battle. But for Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho to put his finger in the eye of Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova. Wow. Just wow. And Mourinho knows Tito Vilanova. The Mourinho eye gouge is one of the stranger things you’ll see in sports. Vilanova pushes Mourinho afterwards but he probably should have punched him.

Yes, the scene does look like a Caravaggio painting. An amazing picture and fight during the most famous rivalry in Spain and perhaps all of world football.

I’m guessing these two have some sort of history. Mourinho did act as an assistant/translator back in the day at Barcelona. I wonder if he crossed paths with Tito Vilanova or the two have had some problems the past few years in La Liga. Competition like this will lead people to do some crazy things.

In the end though Mourinho is turning into a nightmare figure, not the Special One but more like the Grinch – all green and bitter. Don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish by waving his hand like Lionel Messi smells. It’s just low class. He’s just someone who loses a game and reacts like a child. He’s the one who’s supposed to control this team and act in a dignified manner.

Instead, he tries to poke the assistant coach in the eye. No wonder Pepe and Marcelo tried to hurt Fabregas and Alves in the games. Mourinho doesn’t have control of his own senses let alone his team. It’s sad to see someone who is obviously so smart and passionate about the game do something like this to someone he knows and has worked with before I think in the past at Barcelona.

Perhaps most famous now is the man in the middle of the picture, looking on, Satorra:

“The Tito and Mourinho incident was one of the worst brawls I’ve seen at Camp Nou,” Satorra told RAC1 on Monday. “It was at the end of the game. I came out and I found Mourinho going to greet Tito — but then he poked him in the eye.”

Satorra was not involved in the incident but he was perfectly placed in the background. His emotionless face was captured between Mourinho and Vilanova and went viral on social media, earning him the nickname “The Observer.”

“I couldn’t believe it for a few seconds, then Tito pushed his arm away,” he added. “That image appeared all over the world. They told me it was a trending topic; I didn’t know what it meant at the time.

“From that point on they called me ‘The Observer,’ now that’s something that forms part of my image. Since that day, people have wanted to take photographs with me. They made shirts with my picture on. A lot of players have wanted to take photos with me, too.”