Joy for Ronaldinho

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You can’t write off Ronaldinho just yet. He scored a marvelous game-winning header for AC Milan today. His confidence is only going to rise after this. The three-headed attack of Pato, Kaka and Dinho is going to give teams in the Serie A nightmares. As the game was winding down the three started to connect with one another even more, killing the ball in the corners and frustrating Inter Milan and Jose Mourinho. The Special One is going to add to his white hairs this year while in Italy if he can’t get back on a winning streak. He’ll rebound though and fight for the title in the end. Mourinho’s not one to back down from a challenge.

Ronaldinho’s Goal


But this Italian derby was all about Ronaldinho, after he scored he look up to the sky wih his arms out wide, almost in disbelief that he’d scored as he danced around in a circle. All the frustration from his more or less dismissal from Barcelona melting away.

He’d served the ball in deep to Kaka who steadied the ball at the far post as he looked for someone to lay the ball across to. Instead, he lifted a lovely cross to the trailing Ronaldinho who whipped his head back and punched the ball into the goal.

Who said he couldn’t score goals with his head? It was a long give and go that proved enough to keep AC Milan on top and win the match 1-0. What a relief for Ronaldinho. Ronny was starting to look like one of those financial stocks that the short sellers and hedge funds were ganging up on and hoping would just keep going down and eventually fail. It’s just one goal but I’m sure it means the world to Ronaldinho, who only 2 years ago was the best player in football.

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