Juggling Soccer Fireball

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Fabregas Fire Suit
Came across this crazy video of Cesc Fabregas juggling a soccer ball that’s been set on fire for a Nike commercial. Imagine the backlash if Arsenal’s favorite son was injured during the filming of this soccer ad? Frabregas has on protective gear but still…

If Arsenal had burned off his eyebrows or something that might be funny, but the risk seems high for a stunt like this. Maybe it’s just a stunt man and the video is just a is this fake or real type ad that Nike’s a master at. Remember the great Ronaldinho cross bar ad?

But the ad is actually a Nike promotion for the new Cesc Fabregas show – more soccer craziness to come for the young Spanish star. It’s interesting that Fabregas is just as good as Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets, maybe the best goal scorer out of the Barcelona group, but doesn’t get enough credit for just how good of a passer and creator he is….

Here’s another preview from the Cesc Fabregas Show.

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