Juventus Fans Cheer Ronaldo Bicycle Kick

Juventus fans Ronaldo bicycle kick: Cristiano Ronaldo scored an incredible bicycle kick versus Juventus in the Champions League match and the Italian fans stood and cheered Ronaldo’s amazing goal. I don’t think this happens too often…opposing team fans cheering the other team, but you can’t blame them, it was just an incredible goal by Ronaldo.

It’s a goal that makes you re-think whether Messi is the best soccer player in the world. Listen as Juventus fans applaud Ronaldo’s amazing bicycle kick. Just an amazing bicycle kick by Cristiano Ronaldo.

And Cristiano thanked the Juventus crowd for the applause, giving them a thumbs up and a wave. Which is good to see from Cristiano, who sometimes doesn’t maybe acknowledge the fans as much as he should or has a reputation of more complaining and whining. Really, it was more than applause too. As it looks like most of the Juventus crowd stands up and claps. It’s a standing ovation from the opposing team’s fans – amazing. Doesn’t happen very much.

Often you see pro soccer players hold their finger up to their mouths to quiet the crowd, but not this time. In Turin, the Italian fans of Juventus where cheering for Ronaldo, not booing or whistling against him. It’s very rare of course for this to happen, but it did happen to Ronaldinho during an el clasico match when he played for Barcelona. Ronaldinho scored this beautiful goal for Barcelona against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu (November 2005) and even the Real Madrid fans gave him a standing ovation.

Ronaldo had this to say about the goal and the game overall:

“Great goal, what can I say? Fantastic. I didn’t expect to score that goal. But let’s speak about the game. I think the game was amazing. We scored three goals against Juve – a great team. We played nice and of course, I am happy. I helped the team, I scored two goals – a great night.”

And if you missed the Cristiano Ronaldo bicycle kick it’s right here. This will go down as one of the greatest goals in the history of the Champion League. It certainly deserved a standing ovation from the Juventus fans.

Here’s video of the bicycle kick. Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning overhead kick in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals for Real Madrid against his current club Juventus has been voted as UEFA.com Goal of the Season and UEFA.tv brings you back the moment from all angles!!

Ronaldo’s strike, which was applauded on the night by his opposing – and it turned out future – fans, topped the poll with nearly 200,000 of the total 346,915 votes. He succeeds his new Juve colleague Mario Mandžukić, who won last year for goal against Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final, while Lionel Messi took the award in both 2014/15 and 2015/16.