Kai Fifield Barcelona Tryout

Kai Fifield may only be seven years old, but after a kick about on holiday little Kai from Northampton was offered a trial with Barcelona. La Masia, Barca’s soccer academy, is famous for developing youth soccer talents and turning them into soccer stars who can score goals at the Camp Nou in front of 90,000 Barcelona fans.

Will Kai Fifield be one of those football players who we see playing with the first team in La Liga in the years to come? Fifield certainly has the soccer skills it seems. Yes, is super young and who really can know who’s going to make it when they get older. But when a young soccer players develops superb skills on the ball it will take him far, maybe even to the Camp Nou.

Amazing football kid has trial with Barcelona. Kai Fifield is just seven years old. What I like about the video and Fifield is how he can beat other kids on the dribble. The ability to take players on is a skill that is often coached out of young players rather than encouraged. While it’s important to play one and two touch soccer young kids should learn how to dribble past defenders as well.

Watch Kai Fifield’s soccer skills in the video below. It is incredible how many young kids are developing such touch and control with the ball at such a young age. Kifield is clearly loves to play soccer and that just leads to better touch on the soccer ball.