Kaka – 73 Juggles in 30 Seconds

How many times can you juggle the soccer ball in a row? I think Kaka could juggle in his sleep. How else can you test yourself? After the challenge below, can you walk or jog across the field while juggling the soccer ball? Can you juggle the ball in the air against a wall? Test yourself and see if you can juggle more times than Kaka.

The Challenge

  • Find a friend with a stopwatch
  • Do as many keep-ups (juggles) as you can
  • You have 30 seconds to beat Kaka’s record

Amazing Kaka juggling two balls at the same time! I really don’t think this is real though!

Watch Kaka juggle two soccer balls simultaneously and then smashing a spotlight in this viral video! I think this is for a commercial…