Frederic Kanoute Shows Support for Palestine

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Frederic Kanonute, who was born in France but plays for Mali’s national team, is a Muslim and shows his support for Palestine with a T-shirt after he scores. In the past Kanoute has chosen not to wear Sevilla’s jersey because its sponsor is a gambling/betting company.

Kanouté has been a staunch follower of Islam since he turned 20 and back in 2006/2007 refused to wear a shirt sponsored by gambling website, because betting is against Islamic principles.

More from BleacherReport on the Kanoute goal celebration:

With the Mali striker having scored Sevilla’s second of the night, Kanoute, a devout Muslim, lifted his shirt to reveal his under-shirt which had “Palestine” written across it. As may have been expected, Kanoute was shown a yellow card for his behaviour, however it can be assumed that the forward took his booking on the chin for his greater goal of publicising his political message.


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