Kick Around – (Andrea Canales)

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What a smart move by to hire Andrea Canales, not only does she write insightful pieces, but she is quite beautiful to look at. Just take a look at the video below and see for yourself. But they really should just let her have her own show. I’d much rather see her in these Kick Around video posts than the other editors: Luis Bueno, Shane Evans, Greg Lalas, Allen Ramsey, Noah Davis or Zac Lee Rigg. And these other editors are saying uninteresting things. It’s just, you know. If I can choose who delivers the news I’d go with Canales.

In the Kick Around episode below I have to wait until the .50 mark to see her. Just saying, if really wanted to boost their traffic they should have Miss Canales as their main ‘anchor’ and cut the rest of the editors. That’s what all the smart TV stations do, from CNBC with their hot financial anchors to the Latina stations and their weather ladies. And Fox Soccer Channel got smart and added Terri Leigh. Again though, no disrespect to Miss Canales, as I enjoy reading her articles, but I will now happily try to catch her video posts too.

And I’m not saying she needs to go all NSFW on us. Don’t want that. She should stay classy. It’s just refreshing to see a beautiful woman talk intelligently about soccer. It must be easier for her to get the interview too. Who wouldn’t want to talk to her. I’m sure some MLS players rush out of the locker room to give her the latest news.

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