Kieran Tierney Tucked in Jersey

Kieran Tierney is the only Arsenal player to tuck in his jersey. Tierney is old school it seems. I think in the past professional football players were required to tuck in their jerseys when the stepped on the field. Tierney sticks to that rule playing for Arsenal. I’m not sure if there are many other players in the English Premier League who tuck in their jerseys when they’re playing. I’m guessing that Tierney is one of the few.

But with his jersey tucked in Tierney can play! Perhaps it’s just something he’d to doing and doesn’t see any reason why he should change it. Do Tierney fans who come to Emirates Stadium in a Tierney jersey tuck in their shirt too?!

Here are the best skills, passes and goals of Kieran Tierney during the 2020-2021 season. Image credit goes to AVHD.

I do wonder though if the Scottish international gets some better treatment by the referees since his jersey is tucked in? As in, Tierney doesn’t get as many yellow cards since the referee kind of sees him as a rule follower and respectable in some way. I doubt it, actually. If Tierney goes in for a late challenge surely he’ll still get a card. And if that was the case suddenly you’d see players tucking in their jerseys to win favor with the referee!