Kobe Bryant Penalty Kick

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Kobe Bryant Penalty Kick
Did you see Kobe take that penalty kick? Just watch the Laker legend step up to the spot below. It’s clear that Kobe Bryant loves soccer / football. Yes, imagine if he played the game. He would have been some forward! Take about getting up for headers on corner kicks. At halftime of the Manchester United versus Barcelona friendly match, the LA Lakers guard Kobe Bryant stepped up and calmly slotted the soccer ball home from the spot. Take a look. Kobe’s got some soccer skills.

Who was the goalie on Kobe’s penalty kick? Casually cool. Think he’s got loads of potential in some league somewhere. Give him a goalkeepers’ jersey and he’s set!

Bryant also has some skills on the ball, watch him juggle the ball a few times before he takes the penalty, hands in pockets and all. I wonder if he learned any of these skills from Marta.

Bryant then took part in the charity game put on by Mia Hamm the next day. He said he’s always loved the way Barcelona plays. He has been a soccer fan for a long time and wore the Barcelona jersey on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Kobe of course lived in Italy when his Dad was playing pro basketball over there so developed a love for the beautiful game during his time living there.

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