Is Larsen Really Leaving?

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Say it ain’t so. See his goal versus Lille below.

I find it incredible that Larson is indeed leaving Manchester United just when they’re on the run for a treble. He’s a class player and I have more and more respect for him with each performance I see. Not only was he an integral part of Barcelona’s Champions League victory last season but he’s now had a hand in helping Man U possibly earn three medals.

It shows the wisdom too, of Alex Ferguson, selecting Larsen to come on board after seeing his display in the Champions League final last year.

The simplicity with which Larsen plays makes life easier for all this teammates. He plays one and two touch and digs bad passes out and makes them good ones, retaining possession for his team, shielding the ball off and letting the team build an attack. Then of course he can finish at the age of 36.

My hats off to Larsen for his class, although I’m sad to see him go–he’s honoring his contract with his club in Sweden. But, isn’t it better if he stays with Man U and let’s say wins three medals and then comes back to his club, bumping up the cache of his name and then the club his going home to? Will he regret this when he’s 40 or 50?

It’s nice to see him get a goal and a nice send off at least. Take a look…

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