As the Leagues All Wind Down

What a pleasure it is to watch the title races around European football. Manchester United deservedly won the English League title but the chase is still on in La Liga. Real Madrid amazingly came back to defeat Espanol, 4-3, to put the pressure on Barcelona, and then Sevilla too won, to tighten the grip on Barca further. Then there are the teams on the other end. Fulham staying clear with the goal by Dempsey, and Tevez, he plays with such heart, (where will he end up next season?), scores for West Ham United and keeps them in the top flight. Within all of this there’s the chase for Champions League qualification and the leading goal scorer races. How about the play of Ruud van Nistelrooy (21 goals)? If he was on Manchester United still it all might not be fair—wow can he score goals.

Then there’s the race to get to the Italian Serie A by Juventus. Demoted last year for a was penalized nine points and relegated in the Italian match-fixing scandal. Del Piero scored twice to beat Bologna and move them closer to promotion. Yes, Del Piero, Pavel Nedved, Buffon, Vieira, and Mutu are all playing for the club.

The leagues are winding down but there’s still more to come yet.

Real Madrid v. Espanol (4-3)

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