Learn Ronaldo/Neymar Turn

Learn how to do the Neymar / Cristiano Ronaldo turn. Neymar has amazing skills on the soccer ball and this is a turn he will use in a game playing for PSG and Brazil. Ronaldo has been doing this move since his days at Manchester United. The key part is rolling your foot over the ball to get the defender thinking your going that direction and then cutting the ball back the other way.

Roll the ball across your body and try to place your foot behind the ball behind after the roll. Roll then Ronaldo chop (see the Ronaldo chop video after the turn video down below)

Use the inside of the other ball to tap/chop the ball in the other direction. You will need the other foot to move in front of the ball.

After any skill speed up to get away from your defender. Don’t get too close!

Keep practicing! If you want to play like Neymar and Ronaldo then you’ve got to spend time with the soccer ball on your own.

Here’s the Ronaldo chop video. It’s almost like Ronaldo does a little hop right before he cuts the ball back. And he sometimes does this move at nearly a full sprint when he’s dribbling the ball down the field. See if you can do this move at different speeds, at a sprint and just as a cut back to escape pressure.