Lionel Messi

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If Messi is able to win the World Cup he will be crowned the greatest soccer player to ever play the game. Yes, better then Pele and Maradona.

Although Leo Messi’s first goal for FC Barcelona is traditionally said to be the one against Albacete on 1 May 2005, it could be argued that his first was actually the one on Tuesday 20 July 2004 against Catalan club Palamós. It happened in an unofficial preseason fixture, and the side coached by Frank Rijkaard and led on the field by Ronaldinho won 6-0 thanks to a brace from current Barça B manager Gerard López, and others from Iniesta, Luis García, Verdú and a very young Argentinian. Messi’s was the fourth of the game, scored after 74 minutes. Wearing number 20 on his back, he played the second 45 minutes as centre forward, and his maiden goal game after Ludovic Giuly had won the ball. Messi marked his debut by rounding two defenders before placing the ball brilliantly.


A day in the life of Messi.

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