Lionel Messi Can Pass Too

Lionel Messi’s assists. His passes. His genius. His vision on the soccer pitch. Everyone knows Lionel Messi is the best dribbler of the soccer ball in the world. Sure, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t bad either, but he’s more of a circus act compared the smooth dribbling style of Messi. Yes, Ronaldo is an amazing player but Messi just has a way with the ball that’s unique. Cristiano is amazing and all but Messi does things in such a smooth manner.

But along with his dribbling skills, Messi can pass the ball fairly well, too. To say the least. Don’t believe me, just watch this video below, which shows Messi’s best passes in his career thus far, while playing for Barcelona. Enjoy Messi while you still can because one day he will have to retire from the game.