Luis Suarez Appeals for Handball on Goalkeeper

Luis Suarez incredibly appeals for handball after the Chilean goalkeeper, Gabriel Arias, stops his shot using, what else, his hand. You can’t really blame Suarez too much though. It was in the heat of the moment, right. Still hilarious to see. It does look like Suarez realizes pretty quickly that he’s ridiculously saying the keeper used his hand.

Image credit goes to Fyneskills for the above picture of Suarez. See video below of course.

What if the referee got caught up in the moment too and actually called a penalty kick on the goalkeeper using his hands in the box. That would be genius and fun to see. One of the funniest moments in world football this is. But Suarez has a history of course, from biting opposing players to the time he used his hands when he was not the keeper to block a shot in the World Cup.

Take a look at Luis Suarez trying to win a penalty kick when the goalkeeper uses his hands! It is pretty hilarious. Hopefully Suarez won’t be remember for this handball call or his bite and more for all the goals he’s scored!