Man City with a convincing win following a crazy week

Man City against Aston Villa was a well awaited game.
And given the tumultuous week Man City had, while being under investigation by the Premiere League for breaches of financial rules, they looked like a team on a mission.
The beginning of the first half only allowed for 4 minutes of tied play, before Rodri stuck a header in the back of the net off a corner kick.
It was a good header but you could argue the goalie should have been able to keep it out of the goal. Either way, it was just the beginning of a game that City had in the bag.
You can check out the Telemundo highlights below.

The City fans showed up in numbers and let out their frustrations about the allegations by chanting and cheering.
In the end we will have to wait and see what comes out of the investigations.
But for now the fans can enjoy their convincing win!