Manchester United Coach Rene Meulensteen: Tips for Young Soccer Players

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Here are some soccer coaching tips from former Manchester United coach Rene Meulensteen. What young soccer player should focus on and how coaches should help players develop their game.

Meulensteen provides his top tips for young soccer players on behalf of Coerver Coaching. What is Meulensteen’s big soccer tip: play in the garden? Of course, Meulensteen means play soccer in your yard – that’s just what they often call a yard in England. Really, he’s saying spend time with the soccer ball on our own, so you can master it. Work on your skills not just a formal training sessions but on your own time. What soccer skill do you enjoy doing that works? Is it a cut or fake or a certain dribbling style – master that skill so you can do it in your sleep and in those big games you can pull it off.

  • Copy the stars, Messi’s dribbling ability and Cristiano Ronaldo’s tricks on the ball
  • Practice in the yard or in the street on your own
  • Use Coerver Coaching fundamentals as your basis

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