Manchester United Versus Chelsea in 3D

Did you see Avatar in 3D? Of course you did. Did you see Clash of the Titans or Alice and Wonderland in 3D? I’m guessing you might have. Well now you can see Manchester United or any other EPL team play in 3D. That’s what a few Manchester United fans did today when they took on Chelsea. You think HD is good, soccer in 3D must be pretty incredible.

The 3D glass wearing United fans don’t look too happy in the image above. This might have been when Joe Cole scored the first goal with that clever heel flick.

From the Guardian:

Sky has confirmed it will launch Europe’s first 3D television channel with coverage of the Premier League match between Manchester United and Chelsea on 3 April. Sky 3D will show at least five more Premier League games live in the UK before the end of the season, as well as the Football League play-off finals at the end of May.

Although relatively few members of the public have bought 3D TVs so far, BSkyB revealed that more than 1,000 pubs and clubs across the UK and Ireland have signed up for the service.