Diego Maradona Warm Up While Playing for Napoli

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Maradona Warm Up
The Maradona warm up routine video is perhaps becoming more famous than some of his goals. Diego Maradona’s very lively pre-game warm up when he was playing in Italy for Napoli. The song is, ‘life is life’. Whats clear is the love for the game Maradona has. He’s almost in his own world, not in a trance or anything but focused, getting ready to play a game that he loves and means so much to him.

It’s clearly obvious that Maradona loved to play the game of soccer and loved to juggle and move the ball around with his feet, head, thigh, shoulders, chest, and really any part of his body. Is Diego Maradona the greatest soccer player who’s ever lived? He just might be. Check out this amazing warm up video below – his soccer cleats aren’t even tied yet!

Quote from Maradona: “To those of you who have cheered on my goals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Warm-Up Maradona UEFA-Cup semi-final Bayern München – Napoli 1989 “Live Is Life” 1985 by Austrian pop-rock group Opus.

Diego Maradona’s warm-up was the original viral video:

“It was unusual to begin with for Napoli to warm up on the pitch. In those days, it took place before the teams came out,” he says. “We didn’t really pay attention until the music started. Within seconds, everybody was watching. Nobody wanted to miss a thing.”

In fact, nobody except the 70,000 there that day would have seen it if it hadn’t been for a Belgian TV producer named Frank Raes. The cameras were filming, but none of it was being aired except on the stadium’s JumboTron. Raes realized the enormity of what he had just witnessed. He contacted the German broadcaster ZDF, who provided the production crew, and they sent him 12 minutes of pre-match footage. He cut it together to make the video that was first shown on Belgian TV and has now achieved YouTube immortality. (“If I had a penny for every time that video gets played, I’d have long retired to Hawaii,” he joked recently.)

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