Diego Maradona’s Goals for Napoli

Some amazing goals from Diego Maradona during his time at Napoli. Maradona is so quick and strong…watch the video to see what an incredible player he was. Once you watch these videos and the documentary about his time playing in Napoli you start to move him up the ranks of best soccer players of all-time. Essentially, Maradona put both Napoli and Argentina on his back and brought both teams titles and championships and a World Cup. The way Maradona moves, passes and dribbles is so unique, you start to maybe think he’s better than Lionel Messi.

New Diego Maradona Documentary: Rebel. Hero. Hustler. God. 

Quote: “To those of you who have cheered on my goals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Diego Maradona is a legend in Naples having led Napoli to their first ever Serie A title in 1987. On the 30th year anniversary of this triumph, we find out what Maradona meant to the city and the significance of their victory.

How A Player Became A God: Diego Maradona.

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