Maradona Takes in a Barcelona Practice

What was Maradona’s advice to Guardiola? What did he say to Messi when he visited training? Who wouldn’t want to hear what Diego Maradona has to say or even to be Maradona for a while, get inside his head, as one of the best soccer players of all time he’s got the respect of players and coaches, those at Barcelona included.

In the video below Diego talks with the Barcelona team, Guardiola, and gets some hugs from some of the players. Also, he takes a minute to talk to Xavi, who Diego recently said was perhaps Barcelona’s best football player – he’s certainly the most important player for them.

Love Guardiola’s signature line after the Real Mallorca post game press conference recently:

Finally, Guardiola signed off with his signature line, saying “We have not won any titles yet.”