Maradona’s Mischievous Soccer Skills in Mud

Maradona playing in the mud. Makes you reconsider if Messi is the best of all-time. Yes, I known, a bit silly to construe all that from this video but it really does. The video of Diego Maradona below has everything. His sneaky and clever style of play. The mischievousness. It’s Maradona on a muddy pitch playing with the joy and skill he’s known for. Chips and volleys and even a near Hand of God goal.

Is Maradona the greatest footballer of all-time? From his days playing with Napoli in Italy, here’s a muddy Maradona having fun on a very muddy soccer pitch. His play and smile are missed in the game today. The final goal in the video below is a must see. He flicks the ball up, spins and then volleys the ball from behind into the net.

This wasn’t Maradona’s only adventures on a muddy soccer field though. 1984. Maradona asked Napoli and FIFA to arrange a friendly match to help a sick child, but they refused to do it, so Maradona took everything in his hands and organized a match next to the child’s house and 4,000 people came to watch it. True LEGEND and big HERO. RESPECT!