Marcelo Own Goal for Brazil

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Marcelo own goal for Brazil. Well, yes, Brazil did score the first goal of the 2014 World Cup, but it was scored by Marcelo, on his own goal. Man, what a way to start the World Cup in one’s own country with all the world watching. Oops. I feel for Marcelo. This wouldn’t be the worst thing that happened to Brazil of course, as Germany would later beat them 7-1.

The cross is whipped in nicely on the ground and takes a deflection off the Croatian forward as he misses the shot and Marcelo slots the ball into the open net.  Marcelo, the Real Madrid outside back, is probably one of the best defenders in the world. Even world class players make mistakes. The best ones get right back up and fight again.

Marcelo Own Goal – Brazil vs Croatia 3-1 FIFA WORLD CUP 2014.

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