Mario Balotelli Penalty Kick Versus Borussia Dortmund

The Borussia Dortmund keeper Roman Weidenfeller tries to disrupt Mario Balotelli before he talks the penalty kick by whispering in his ear. The Manchester City forward instead only seems more determined to score from the spot. Still, I’d like to know what Weidenfeller said.

It really doesn’t faze Balotelli, as he steps and slots the ball home with ease. Afterwards, Balotelli rushes to get the soccer ball out of the net and makes a gesture towards the keeper with his hand, which everyone knows means, “keeping talking”. It was a huge goal for Manchester City, as their hopes of advancing further in the Champions Leagues would have been in doubt had Balotelli missed the penalty.

Watch the Mario Balotelli penalty kick versus Dortmund in the video below. Balotelli should have had a more successful football career – sure, he did a lot and still does but he has so much talent on the soccer field. I think some of the pressure and media attention disrupted his focus, understandably. Here though, Weidenfeller can’t throw him off.