Mark Schlereth: Cheap Shot Comment on Soccer

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The NFL is going through a tough time right now, with all the recent head injuries and concussions. But Schlereth takes aim at soccer towards the end of his diatribe on the NFL and not letting players hit one another.

The NFL, Schlereth said, was built upon the fans’ interest in contact. "You take all the contact away, guess what you are… you’re soccer," he said.

Schelerth even suggested that players in this week’s Sunday or Monday night games play "touch football."

"Go out on the field and don’t hit anybody," he said, "and let’s see how popular your game is."

Schlereth certainly hasn’t seen a soccer game or he would know the game can be quite violent. And sadly, many players suffer serious head injuries. I guess he dosn’t know Nigel de Jong, Roy Keane, or Gennaro Gattuso. I’m sure Schlereth would be easy pickings for them in the open field if his back is turned and he’s trying to control the ball.

Furthermore, soccer itself has had some issues with concussions, MLS players like Taylor Twellman and Alecko Eskandarian were forced to retire from the game due to a series of concussions. Soccer isn’t a violent game at times? Just ask Inter Milan left back Cristian Chivu, who suffered a fractured skull and took to wearing a protective helmet so he could keep playing.

Nobody wants to see players get hurt in American football or soccer and it’s good to take steps so players aren’t seriously hurt. However, to say soccer doesn’t have contact or isn’t a violent game at times is just stupid. Moreover, it’s just a cheap shot comment at a game he knows nothing about.

Schlereth’s comments come at about the 3:15 mark in the video below.

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