Mario Balotelli – Why Always Me?

What does Mario Balotelli have to say: Why always me. I don’t think Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini cares what t-shirt Mario Balotelli wears under his football jersey. He can wear whatever he wants when he’s scoring goals. No manager is going to say anything if their top forward is scoring goals and they’re winning soccer games.

Ex-kitman Chappy tells the story of Mario Balotelli’s famous Why Always Me? shirt as City beat United 6-1 at Old Trafford. This comes straight from Manchester City, so you know you’re getting all the details behind the Balotelli why always me t-shirt.

As far as the t-shirt, I don’t know what Balotelli is talking about with the shirt that says, ‘Why Always Me?’

Is he asking why he’s always getting the negative attention? Is he asking why he seems to always end up getting into trouble?

If so, the answer is pretty simple: he brings it upon himself. However, he’s only 19 years old and extremely talented. If he can continue to just focus on scoring goals and winning games, I don’t he’ll have to ask the question anymore.

Although here are some reason people might say why always Mario Balotteli – some of the crazier things he’s done of late:

  • setting off fireworks in his house and setting his house on fire
  • throwing darts out of a window at a youth team player
  • trespassing at a women’s prison
  • attempting a back heel against LA Galaxy when he could have passed it in
  • having trouble putting on a warm up vest
  • racking up parking tickets
  • carrying around £25,000 in cash in his car

I’m sure we’ll be adding to this list as the football season goes along….but if Mario Balotelli can keep scoring goal nobody will care what t-shirt he wears or even what he does off the soccer field.

In the end, Balotelli did help Manchester City win an EPL title. None other than Mario Balotelli, is the one who has to slide to return the soccer ball back to the on rushing Aguero when he scored his game winner!