Marta to Sign with San Jose Earthquakes?


Marta to sign with the San Jose Earthquakes? It could happen, right? It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Well, one day a women will play for a men’s soccer team, right?

I’ll tell you one thing, she could dice up a few MLS players with ease. Sure, the idea is a bit Onion like, and almost worthy of one of our past April Fools like posts, where we said Beckham was running a crossing clinic for MLS players, but I think the Marta to San Jose idea isn’t all that unrealistic.

Marta of Brazil

The Earthquakes do need a forward, and they were trying to sign a Brazilian, why not go with one who is in California already and just down the freeway, whose club, the LA Sol, is sadly on the verge of collapse.

Grant Wahl is already booking a ticket to San Jose to start his new book, ‘The Marta Experiment. If you don’t think Marta can dribble past the likes of Chris Albright or Jimmy Conrad, you haven’t seen this video. However, Conrad would just yank her down though if she went by.

After all, San Jose did finish in last place in the Western standings last year. I don’t know though if coach Frank Yallop wants to deal with another controversial situation. He didn’t really enjoy the Beckham media blitz when he was in LA.

Marta would bring some excitement to the MLS, she’s not afraid to go at players on the dribble. Heck, maybe she’ll stay right in Los Angeles and replace Landon Donovan, who just might want to stay over at Everton. Then she’ll get loaned out to an Italian team and the Galaxy faithful will boo her when she returns and question her commitment.

There is one problem though. Marta’s $500,000 salary would stir up a lot of problems for many a MLS player who are not even making half that amount. President Obama, in his State of the Union speech, was calling for equal pay for women and men, but not sure if this is yet to take place in the professional sports world. Marta to the MLS would be the new Billie Jean King versus Bobby Riggs.

But a Marta to MLS signing would be a good book, or at least a good Disney movie, wouldn’t it? Couldn’t she just play in one game or a few games on trial? The loan would also bring in some money for the Women’s Professional Soccer league, since there would be a transfer fee I imagine. Maybe trading Marta to the MLS could strangely save the WPS and the LA Sol.

No, I got it, a loan spell just like Donovan’s on at Everton. I’m sure Bruce and the rest of the Galaxy brass would go for it. If Lalas was still the GM he’d sign her.

Plus, I’m sure a lot of the WPS defenders would be happy that’s Marta’s no longer in the league.

Is this all too far fetched, sure, but you never know. If you can’t sign Messi, why not sign another FIFA World Player of the Year.

Marta & Messi