Master Technique: Ball Mastery Part Two

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The Coerver method is centered on ball mastery – “the mother and father of all training topics,” says Coerver co-founder Alfred Galustian.

The idea is that football is a team game played by individuals, and that those individuals will be happier and more effective if every single one of them is confident when in control of the ball – not just seeking to get rid of it and pass to “the best player”. Coerver’s 99 Skills to Ball Mastery approach will improve a player’s touch (creating more time on the ball), control (and therefore confidence), flexibility (and thus adaptability) – and even that weaker foot.

Soccer ball mastery should be the foundation of every soccer player’s development: Work on this soccer drill from Coerver Coaching and the ball will stick to you like metal to a magnet. Coerver Coaching ball mastery is the key to becoming a great soccer player. Spend time with the soccer ball and master it.

Are you left chasing your first touch like a piece of paper in the wind? If the answer to this questions is yes, than we have the remedy for your problem: Ball mastery with Coerver Coaching.

In this particular offering above, it’s not just your foot control that counts, but your head and chest. Work on this drill in training and the ball will become your team-mate rather than your opponent.

For more technical soccer advice visit Coerver Coaching.

Stoke City under-15s demonstrated the drills.

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