Matejovsky Goal – Liverpool Versus Reading

The Reds are on fire these days thanks to Torres.

This was an exciting match with wonderful goals. Liverpool won 2-1 but the goal of the game might just have come from Marek Matejovsky off a well planned set piece. The ball is played across the top of the box from out wide.  See the highlights below.

Liverpool played with three forwards: Torres, Kuyt, and Babel. Torres (‘El Nino’) became the first player since Robbie Fowler to hit twenty league goals for Liverpool. In this match he shows how to head the ball down and past the keeper.

Every time I catch a Liverpool highlight clip it seems like Babel is on the verge of scoring, always near misses but puts himself in dangerous positions and gets shots off. Look out if he starts scoring goals like Torres. He’s got the same style and pace. I think we’re going to see a close race for the EPL title and then don’t be surprised if Liverpool make a run for another Champions League title.

If you want to learn how to hit a through ball, just watch Steven Gerrard laser passes through to the on running Torres. They’re creating quite the partnership. I’ll have to take back my thought that Liverpool are not as fun to watch as the old Liverpool teams of Fowler and Macca.

Javier Mascherano, you can see why Bentiz pulled him away from West Ham, scores a goal worthy of an attacking midfielder—his first goal for Liverpool.

Liverpool Versus Reading 3/15/08

Alonso nearly beat Marcus Hahnemann as he’d run up on a corner in the dying minutes of the game. Xavi is known to score long distance goals now and again.

Don’t think Shane Long will be starting the next match as he threw his jersey at the coach when he was taken off. This was very unprofessional. A public display of disrespect to the coach that will have to be dealt with, but it also shows the  spirit of the player. He wants to be on the pitch, although the reaction is just lacking maturity.