Mats Magnusson Playing in Zidane’s Charity Match

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Believe it or not, this guy with the full belly was a quality forward who played in the World Cup for Sweden. He’s let himself go a little bit as you can see, but he’s 46, give the guy a break. Magnusson was a striker for Benfica and won two titles with the club. Before Mats Magnusson goes on, it’s almost like the referee is asking him if he’s sure he wants to do this.

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I could see a whole mob of people getting behind Mr. Magnusson, with T-shirts and posters and the Internet going mad for the man. The fat many who played soccer with Zidane. There might even be a fan club, ‘I’m With Mats’.

Mats Magnusson: His Skinny Days

Mats Manusson


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