Maxi Pereira Frustrated, Hammers Messi with His Shoulder

To a degree, I guess you can understand where Maxi Pereira is coming from with this foul on Messi. He was frustrated. His team/country, Uruguay, was about to lose 3-0 versus Argentina after Messi’s two goals.

Messi just kept coming and coming throughout the game and nobody could stop him. So, with just a minute left in the game, the frustration boiled over and Maxi Pereira took his shoulder and slammed it into Messi’s chest.

The only sort of good thing about this was Pereira didn’t try to hack Messi’s legs or come at him with a two footed tackle. This is bad but any type of foul going for Messi’s legs has no place in the game. Still though, all Barcelona fans throughout the world now hate Pereira.