Messi Beating Defenders Without Touching the Ball

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Messi Not Touching Ball

Lionel Messi wins almost every one versus one situation. It’s not just because Messi is technically the best, but also because he is the smartest footballer ever to play the game. He can dribble past a defender without even touching the soccer ball. This video shows how he uses different skills like body feints, ball control dummies or fake shots to humiliate defenders and goalkeepers. And to score goals!

Excellent video of Lionel Messi’s using his incredibly high soccer IQ to beat players without even touching the soccer ball. Might have to click over to YouTube to watch the video but it’s worth it.

Messi has reached God level soccer expertise by beating defenders and setting up his teammates by not even touching the soccer ball. It’s just his presence alone that disturbs the spaces around him when opposing teams see him near. As in through his dummy to Griezmann.

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