Messi’s Touch of God

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Messi's God Touch

What do you say? How do you describe a touch on the soccer ball that’s just other worldly? The crowd’s reaction at the Camp Nou says it all and must give Messi an immense feeling of pride – a surge of confidence and energy even. Out of the sky the ball comes to him and he juggle controls the ball with the inside of his foot with perfectly.

And that’s the key, Messi doesn’t necessarily try to bring the ball right down to the ground. He instead tries to power it up in the air with his inside of his foot via a juggle which funny enough takes the air out of the ball and enables him to control it.

Try it yourself, rather than try to bring the ball down try to juggle once or twice in the air when it comes to you in the air.

Messi has touch on the soccer ball like some kind of God.

Excellent video of Lionel Messi’s magical touch. Might have to click over to YouTube to see it.

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