MLS Jersey Sponsors

Possible sponsors for the remaining MLS teams that lack a brand or company on their uniforms:

San Jose Earthquakes – Google (What with Microsoft sponsoring the Seattle Sounders, Google’s got to step in and support the nearby soccer club just to match their competitor up North. It’s be like pocket change to them. I would say Yahoo might be a potential sponsor for San Jose but they still might get bought out by Microsoft, so maybe Microhoo would work as the sponsor – that wouldn’t look too good though on the shirt.)

Kansas City Wizards – Jack Stack Barbecue (An easy one. They’ve been making this stuff in Kansas City since the 1900s. With over 100 barbecue restaurants in the city, they’ve earned the right to be called the ‘world’s barbecue capital’.)

New England Revolution – HBO John Adams DVD (This is a reach, since the show is now off the air, but just seemed to fit so well. How about HBO itself, and switch out the show every now and then, from The Wire to Entourage to Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sam Adams was another possible sponsor, however, I can’t claim that one, it was from a forum online. Beer always goes over well though.)

Colorado Rapids – Anheuser Busch (There are over 20 breweries in Colorado, if not Anheuser, one of them should step in. Not sure why Dick’s Sporting Good’s isn’t on the jersey, since the club plays in their stadium.)

FC Dallas – Perot Systems Corporation, Inc. (Ross Perot’s got the money – would be funny to see his face on their jersey but don’t think that would go over too well.)

Philadelphia (2010) – Comcast (Another easy one, they’re based in Philadelphia and as the nations large cable company, why not sponsor a sport that’s growing in the United States. Sometimes Comcast gets a bad reputation for their service, with a jersey sponsorship it might help their image a tad.)

Current team sponsors:

  • LA Galaxy – Herbalife Ltd. ($3.5 million and $5 million a year)
  • Seattle Sounders FC – Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (4 million per year)
  • DC United – Volkswagen ($14 million over five years)
  • Chicago Fire – Best Buy
  • Toronto – BMO Financial Group
  • Real Salt Lake – XanGo
  • New York Red Bulls – Red Bull
  • Houston Dynamo – Amigo Energy
  • Columbus Crew – ICI Paints (Glidden)
  • Club Deportivo Chivas – Comex Group (Mexico’s leading paint company)