Nani Strike & Flip Celebration

Nani’s flip celebration: Nani mockingly held his hands out wide saying wait wait, and proceeded to do his trademark flip after scoring a rocket of a shot to give Manchester United their first win of the season versus Tottenham Hotspur. A ‘wonder’ goal, a ‘screamer’. YouTube has taken the video down though so we’ve brought you his chip goal in a pre-season friendly – see his flip celebration in the video below.

To celebrate the birthday former United winger Nani, we took a look back at his top ten greatest goals for the Manchester United. Yes, you can check Nani’s flip celebration too.

Ferguson, who had banned the flip previously, not wanting his new young signing, just twenty, to be injured.  Maybe it was a ban just in pre-season?  I’m reading various things on this.

The back-flips may have already been banned by disciplinarian Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, but the 17.3million pounds Old Trafford new-boy Nani is likely to provide plenty of fireworks to replace his spectacular goal celebration this season.

The Portugal international also rubbished claims that his manager has banned him from celebrating his goals with a customary back-flip, for fear of injury.

“That is not true,” he said.

“Ferguson has never spoken to me about this subject and I am going to continue to celebrate goals in this way. The conversations he has had with me are normal conversations, like he has with all players.

Nani backflip celebration right this way.

Here’s a video of Nani’s flip celebration and some goals!