New Grant Wahl Book Idea

The Posh Experiment: How Victoria Beckham Brought Down the American Idol Franchise.

Not that Mr. Wahl needs any ideas, but just thought I’d mention it.

Would this be an authorized book or unauthorized like The Beckham Experiment?

And I do have to say I zipped through Grant Wahl’s The Beckham Experiment, and hope he writes another soccer book that goes inside a soccer team or season the way he did with that book.

I know this isn’t related to soccer training, but with Beckham being an ambassador for the MLS and American soccer, it seems like if his wife does something it too has an impact on him and his brand and therefore American soccer. I know, I’m reaching.

I do read Wahl’s articles over at SI. He’s been writing about soccer for a long time. He usually gets the scoop before anyone else.

And of course I’m stirring the pot a bit, as Wahl seemed unwilling to acknowledge that without Beckham and his face on the cover, this book really wouldn’t have been written or published. So Beckham is right when he talks about books being written riding his coat tails, so to speak.

Beckham wasn’t too happy with Wahl’s book. He went to “great lengths to point out that Wahl’s book had received neither his cooperation nor his blessing and that he had not read it.” Beckham also said, “There are many unofficial books that have been published about me, so this is just another one on the shelf.”

Plus, with the Beckham book generating so much controversy, don’t see why Posh can’t have her own story written in hard cover and an author can make some money from the potential debacle. For Posh, her story is just beginning, and her journey to America hasn’t been chronicled yet.

There was no Paula, but there was a Posh.

Victoria Beckham was on hand Friday for the first round of “American Idol” auditions in the post-Paula Abdul era. The former Spice Girl arrived at a downtown Denver hotel where call-back auditions were being held as scores of onlookers crowded against rope barriers, many snapping photos.

Fox, which airs the popular singing show, said Beckham and Katy Perry would be guest judges in Abdul’s place. But it wasn’t immediately clear whether Beckham did any judging Friday, and “Idol” spokeswoman Alex Gillespie declined to say what her role was. Perry was nowhere to be seen.

Judge Kara DioGuardi arrived in a limo wearing a black dress, telling local Fox affiliate KDVR that she was wearing black to mourn Abdul’s absence. DioGuardi called Abdul her mentor and the heart of the show.