New Mexico Versus BYU: Hair Pulling

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Soccer Player Hair Pull

Many are calling Elizabeth Lambert of New Mexico the dirtiest women’s soccer player in history. And against BYU, aren’t Mormon girls nice and friendly, why start a fight with a BYU player? What set Lambert off like this..? Yes, soccer is a competitive game and everybody wants to win but…pulling another players ponytail…pulling hair is too much.

One thing you can say though is at least Lambert didn’t pull a Luis Suarez and try to bite someone.

Throwing elbows, punching in the back, tripping, hair pulling, kicking into someone’s face and sucker punches? Sounds like a typical scrum between young siblings. Well, in the 2009 MWN semifinal match between BYU and New Mexico, there was no lipstick, no perfume and no fingernail polish. There was, however, good old fashioned fight.

Check out the BYU’s Kassidy Shumway (21) getting her bell rung (or neck snapped) by New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert (15).

That’s what’s bad about video these days, word gets around fast, and punishments are doled out retroactively rather quickly. Colleges can’t just let these things go when a video is being showing all over the web, making their school look bad.

Effective immediately, Lambert is prohibited from participating in all team practices, competition and conditioning activities.

“I am deeply and wholeheartedly regretful for my actions,” said Lambert.

“My actions were uncalled for. I let my emotions get the best of me in a heated situation. I take full responsibility for my actions and accept any punishment felt necessary from the coaching staff and UNM administration. This is in no way indicative of my character or the soccer player that I am. I am sorry to my coaches and teammates for any and all damages I have brought upon them. I am especially sorry to BYU and the BYU women’s soccer players that were personally affected by my actions. I have the utmost respect for the BYU women’s soccer program and its players.”

I’d have to say though, sure she was the one who was punching and pulling hair, but I bet the New Mexico coach was pushing her to play aggressively, maybe just not this aggressively. I’m just saying the coach maybe should accept part of the responsibility and stand up for the player a little bit.

Update: From the NY Times.

“I still deeply regret it and will always regret it and will carry it through the rest of my life not to retaliate,” said Lambert, a 20-year-old junior on scholarship.

She has watched the video a handful of times and does not recognize herself pulling down Brigham Young’s Kassidy Shumway, Lambert said.

“I look at it and I’m like, ‘That is not me,’ ” said Lambert, a defender and an all-conference academic player. “I have so much regret. I can’t believe I did that.”

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