Neymar Bounces Ball Over Defender

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What makes this soccer trick so amazing is Neymar uses the bottom of his foot to bounce the ball over the defender’s head. Neymar doesn’t try to control the ball or bring it down in anyway but makes the ball bounce off the ground and over the defender. And Neymar does it with such ease and a coolness.

This video is from when Neymar was still playing for Santos in Brazil, before he moved to Barcelona and then to PSG. I used to think they Neymar maybe did too many soccer tricks and moves on the field, but really, he’s probably holding back some what on just how many moves he can do. It’s clear that Neymar had to leave Santos and go to Europe for more of a challenge.

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This Neymar move reminds of when Pogba did something similar while playing for Manchester United. Pogba used the bottom of his soccer shoe to bounce the ball up and over a defender when he had his back turned.

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