Neymar Doesn’t Hesitate to Hack

One thing that Neymar does that Messi doesn’t is aggressively go after other players and foul them. Yes, Neymar is willing to hack a player down in frustration. You can’t really blame him though with just how much abuse he takes during games sometimes.

Jermaine Jones’ Brutal Tackle on Neymar

Messi is pretty much calm and cool the majority of the time, even when he gets hacked. But Neymar, perhaps being a bit younger, doesn’t hesitate when it comes to going after defenders and hacking them when he’s fouled or his teammates are.

While Neymar getting upset and hacking is understandable, there’s no reason for it though. Neymar should leave this type of revenge tackling to his teammates. When he arrives at Barcelona, he should let Pique or Puyol tackle hard and stick up for him when needed. There’s no reason Neymar should risk getting injured or a red card by wilding charging at someone.

I don’t think Barcelona’s going to want Neymar trying to rough up other players or tackling like this. They don’t want Neymar to risk injury.

When Neymar loses control. Mueller gets hacked by Neymar in the video below. Really, Neymar takes a lot of abuse and should be better protected by the referee. I can’t really blame Neymar for hacking sometimes. I can understand why he loses control when he’s constantly kicked and hacked himself.