Neymar Juggling Goal Versus Villarreal

Neymar Villarreal goal: Barcelona’s Neymar had his tongue out like Michael Jordan for his juggling goal versus Villarreal. I’m sure Jordan would approve. And once again, who said juggling the soccer ball never comes in handy during an actual soccer game…watch Neymar’s juggling skills.

Neymar controlled the cross from Suarez but then flicked the ball up and over the defender’s head, spun around, and volleyed the ball into the net. Look at how focused Neymar is in the picture below. He has certainly stepped up his game since Messi went down injured. Neymar said he thought about scoring a goal like this before the game:

“I thought about the move [that led to his second goal] in advance and it came off,” the forward told reporters after the match. It’s a lovely cross by Suarez too, just the perfect bend and weight on the ball to avoid the defender.

Neymar Juggling Goal

Here’s the video of the Neymar juggle goal. Everyone’s calling Neymar some sort of superhero after this goal and saying you can’t even do this on PlayStation or FIFA’s soccer video game – it’s a new trick they’ve yet to put into the game. It’s a lovely sombrero over the defender’s head and then slots the ball home. When Messi and Ronaldo leave the game and retire, will Neymar become the world’s best player? I think so.