Neymar Pulls His Socks Up Pretty High

Is there a player in the game of soccer who wears his socks up as high as Brazil’s Neymar? I don’t think so. Sure, Thierry Henry has been know to pull his socks up, but not nearly as high as Neymar – his are well over his knees, entirely.

And Neymar has pulled his socks up well over his knees for his whole soccer career, whether he was playing for Santos or Barcelona. It’s not a new thing for him. Now playing at Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar continues to pull his socks up almost to his shorts!

I guess the socks sort of offer some support, and maybe even keep his legs warm. At least he’s not wearing a snood or tights like Arjen Robben. However, if he ends up playing in England he might come out for the match with a jacket under his game jersey. He’s awful thin you know. The cold wind will go right through him.

I wonder if players will start copying this look. They’ve already started coping his hairstyle you know, or at least Robinho has.

And yes, even though Neymar is now playing for Barcelona he’s still pulling his socks up over his knees.

For PSG, yes, Neymar wears his socks over his knees too.

In training Neymar usually wears his socks low but once the game starts the socks go well over the knee.

For Neymar Jr., life just keeps getting better. Every. Single. Day.

The Brazilian striker, now in his fourth season donning the Blaugrana jersey, enjoys a special relationship with Lionel Messi and has been an integral part of the team’s most recent successes — including his lead role as Lord of the Comeback in the final minutes of Barça’s historic win over PSG at Camp Nou — all the while his play with the Brazilian national team continues reaching dizzying new heights, inviting all sorts of comparisons with his countryman, the great PelĂ©.

So, what is it like to be Neymar? To find out, we have compiled a video chock full of his daily activities. See the Barça number 11 as he arrives at the team’s training center and puts in his daily work on the practice field.
Watch him as he comes into the stadium ahead of a match, as he travels with the team to a road game, and as he gets up close and personal with the fans.

He even has a special pregame routine! See all this, and more, in our video showing just what it’s like to be Neymar.