Neymar’s Head Band & Nose Strip

Neymar’s head band and nose strip: Brazil’s Neymar doesn’t play without his head band and his nose strip. Of course the head band is so his hair doesn’t get in his eyes and the nose strip, well that’s said to help you breath better. Not really sure if this is true or not. That he doesn’t play without them, but he’s taken to the headband and nose strip for a while now. The nose strip and headband were more popular a few years ago but Neymar still wears them.

Above image credit of Neymar’s head band goes to BuzzFeed Sports.

I’d bet if he sold either one of these items on eBay, after a game, the sweaty items would still fetch a hefty price. The little strip of nose tape, that looks like a band aid, is supposed to help open up your nasal passages and allow you to get more oxygen. If the headband and nose strip work for Neymar then I guess it could work for every soccer player. When you have skills on the soccer field like Neymar you can wear whatever you want.

Neymar also wore a headband in a game for Barcelona that some thought was a beanie or a ski cap.

What does Neymar’s headband say? The one he wore after winning the Champions League… says: 100% Jesus.

Right after the game, Neymar put on a 100% Jesus head band when Barcelona won the Champions League trophy after beating Juventus 3-1, with Neymar grabbing the third goal at the very end of the game. I’m guessing a lot of fans are going to want to buy Neymar’s head band after seeing this.

And Neymar actually wore this same 100% for Jesus headband after winning the Libertadores Final while playing for Brazil a few years ago. Neymar’s head band and nose strip are going to be more common for many young Brazilians who want to copy every thing he does.