Neymar Soccer Skills & Tricks

To me, Neymar has taken the art of dribbling to another level. Sure, he’s probably not as effective as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in creating scoring chances, but he’s coming for them and will take the game to new heights. Neymar does the unexpected, something you’d see on the streets of Brazil in a pick up soccer game, yet he does it in an actual game and pulls it off. When Messi and Cristiano retire it will be Neymar who reigns as the best soccer player in the world.

Learn How to Play Like Neymar

Watch, as Neymar dances on the soccer ball and tricks his defenders into diving in. He tempts them to drive to take the ball from him. He not only goes around them with ease but he’s more than happy to flick the soccer ball up and over their heads if he has to.

Neymar often frustrates defenders and many think he should do these soccer tricks in a game. They get embarrassed and lash out at Neymar. The game though is all about the moves and tricks and cuts that are part of Neymar’s arsenal of soccer skills.