Nike Airport Commercial

The great Nike television commercial featuring members of the Brazilian National Team playing football through an airport. Juggling, dribbling, and passing throughout the halls of the airport. In the end Ronaldo hits the post. Perhaps one of the most famous Nike Soccer commercials ever made. The Nike ad is directed by John Woo and features: Ronaldo, Rivaldo Ferreira, Denílson, Roberto Carlos Romário, Cafu, and Eric Cantona ad the very end on the plane.

The Song: When the world’s most charismatic sports team, Brazil’s national soccer team, captured the global imagination with the last two World Cups, fascination with Brazilian music followed suit. (North Americans en masse finally heard Ben’s great post-bossa samba, “Mas Que Nada” – better known as the song from Nike’s soccer-team-in-the-airport commercial.)

That’s a very young Ronaldo who hits the post at the end of the video! I think it’s time they remade the Nike airport commercial with the new stars of the Brazilian football team. It’d be fun to see more Neymar in some of these Nike soccer ads for Brazil. With players like like Gabriel Jesus and Vinícius Júnior and goalkeeper Ederson. Of course some of the older Brazilian soccer players like Dani Alves and Silva too.

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