Nike Mercurial Vapor V Review

By Philip Araj

Nike mercurial vapor V is one of the elite boots by Nike. They are very light and durable. Weighing in about 8.4 ounces more or less. These cleats are intended to make you faster with the ball and faster to the ball. I must admit that this is very much true they do feel lighter than other boots out there. The shot shield doesn’t make any difference in the shot. Because it is so thin so when you tie the shoe you can see the laces popping out. The upper of the shoe is made of Teijin microfiber which I personal hate because it takes away most of the feel of the ball. The new Fly wire technology they have added to me makes no difference in lightness in the boot.

These shoes aren’t very comfortable at all to me and they seem to feel a little cheaply made. If you have a narrow foot this shoe should work great for you. If you have a wide foot I recommend you to try something else. They tend to give blisters when you first use them. Some people say they haven’t encountered that but I personal have. These cleats are worn by some of the fastest players in the world like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Robinho. They are very well known for they speed and quick foot work they all wear Nike Mercurial Vapors.