Nike Total90 Laser II (Pink/Red/Berry)

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I’m not sure what color this is exactly, is it pink, red, or berry. It’s more red than anything else though. And I’m wondering if this new shoe by Nike is supposed to replace the Nike Mercurial Vapor Berry shoes?

What’s even more interesting about this shoe is it has Rooney’s name on it along with a small England flag and his #10. How many other shoes have a player’s name on the actual shoe. I know Ronaldinho had his name appear on a few Nike shoes. And then Beckham has personalized his own shoes adidas shoes, with the names of his kids. But overall, not many shoes have this much personalization. Looks pretty cool if you ask me.

Nike Total90 Laser II (Pink/Red/Berry)

When Nike designers were doing research for the Total90 Laser FG, they discovered three important elements for superior shooting: Swerve, Power and Precision. With the right combination of these three elements, anyone can become a deadly striker. The Total90 Laser FG has ShotShield technology that produces swerving shots with more power and precision. The Total90 Lasers are the boot for the player who wants to take more effective shots and score more goals.

Nike Total90 Laser II (Pink/Red/Berry)

For those looking for stability, fit, traction ball control and shooting accuracy. UPPER: Premium-grade synthetic leather for lightweight comfort. Innovative ShotShield technology for enhanced ball control. eVent for enhanced breathability and shooting accuracy. Molded EVA sockliner with poron inserts reduces stud pressure.

OUTSOLE: Lightweight TPU with optimized stud placement for traction and structural reinforcement. For use on firm, natural surfaces.

Wayne Rooney’s #10

Nike Total90 Laser II (Pink/Red/Berry)

WEIGHT: (11.4 oz.)

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