Soccer Obstacle Courses

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Field size: half field of the soccer field

Number of players: split into two teams; teams from two to six

Age range: 10-14

Description: Create zones on the soccer field where players have to complete a certain task.  In one zone players have to juggle the ball ten times. In the next zone they have to dribble through a set of cones with their left or right foot only.

Next, they have to sprint for ten yards before they take a shot into a small goal.  Incorporate all different kinds of skills and moves within the drill. Maybe players have to do sit ups and push ups in one zone or head the ball five times up in the air to themselves. Or they play a give and go with a coach or do an overlap.

Obstacle courses force players to do things when they’re tired and they’re also fun.  Players like to be challenged and compete with other players – it’s almost an innate quality in every player that they try to be the best. 

Break into two groups and have teams race one another through the obstacle course once they start to get the hang of it. This can actually also be a good warm up drill. 

Think of the TV show Survivor and come up with your best challenge or game and apply it to your soccer practice. Maybe the players have to strike the ball in the air into a certain space. There’s really no skill that you can’t add to these obstacle courses to challenge your players.

Equipment needed: Cones, small goal with a net, and practice vests – for each team to wear.

Christie Rampone, World Champion defender of the U.S. Women’s National Team, shows an obstacle course variation that can be used in any team or individual training session.


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